Fall Semester Kickoff (I See My Path Again)


It's been almost a month into school and I just feel immensely blessed.

I wasn't in school at this time a year ago. It's hard to imagine my life when I was just working at The Place and hoping that a website client would call or praying for some event I could take photos at. I wasn't fully sure of who I was or in what direction I was supposed to take my life. 

The blessings I received over this past year have me humbled and motivated. Now I'm back in school, set to graduate in December of 2018. I'm an Exec member of two organizations that match what I want to do (BOLD of course and now InFUSion Magazine!!) Hell I get to watch UGA football in person again (Go Dawgs!)

Last year my biggest worry was my job and bills. I didn't fully think school was gonna happen for me this soon. Now I have a host of worries and that sounds bad but it's actually awesome. I'm working to get an internship in the summer and a career position the year after. I see my path again...

Summertime Shootouts 🔫

Haven't been blogging in a bit but I'm back! This summer should be really great with my summer classes, more photo work, and (hopefully) some website work as well. But I'll definitely be using some summer time to relax at the pool...make your summer count ✌🏾