If you look up "Brandon Graham" on Google, Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else you look people up, you'll find out that the name is VERY common. .There are radio hosts with that name, my current favorite football player, (who plays on my hometown Eagles) has my exact name. In a world where there are more Brandon Graham's than I can count, my great friends blessed me with a stage name that has stood since: Dutch Norris.

Who is Dutch Norris? The Black Chuck Norris? Dutch Norris is I and I am him. I am an artist, using whatever medium I can get my hands on. Whether visual (drawing & photography), audio (check my SoundCloud), or with technology (web & graphic design), if I can create on it I will. 

Now that you're here check out my work! View my galleries, visit the websites I've made! And once you see the quality of work I hold as my standard, feel free to contact me so I can work with/for you! 

-Brandon Graham/Dutch Norris